About Us

HealthCareTalentLink is a single place for all those in the health care industry to go to find services, employees, engagements, and jobs. This is not a social media platform. You get to what you are looking for quickly and efficiently by utilizing our unique platform that matches requests to skills, credentials and experience.

Who Are We?

The HealthCareTalentLink platform provides an opportunity to link employers, recruiters, service providers/vendors and job seekers in one place for the Healthcare industry

Cathy Barrett C.P.C., M.S.N., M.S.A., N.P. – CEO

Cathy has over 30 years' experience in the healthcare industry. Cathy is a nationally recognized expert in medical practice revenue cycle management, EMS coding and billing, process improvement, "turn-arounds" and quality initiatives. Cathy serves as the CEO for HealthCareTalentLink which is helping healthcare get connected. Cathy has decades of experience working in leadership and consulting positions which gave her the idea of HealthCareTalentLink. She wanted to have a place where all of the health care industry could trust and go to for promoting services, finding engagements and finding the right candidate. Cathy received the Nurse Practitioner of the Year Award from both the Michigan Council of Nurse Practitioners and American Academy of Nurse Practitioners in 2003. Cathy is the past President of Michigan Council of Nurse Practitioners and remains active as a reimbursement expert. Cathy holds degrees from Schoolcraft Community College, University of Michigan, Michigan State University and Central Michigan University.

Bonnie Goodrich, VP of Marketing, Sales and Recruiting

Bonnie is a self-driven, motivated, highly adaptive, and disciplined healthcare professional with experience in; device and disposables, as well as talent and skills service platforms within the United States. Her goal is to empower healthcare facilities, service providers, and healthcare personnel to find the right talent and services faster with fewer cost constraints, so they may in turn get to the real priority in healthcare... Patients. To increase patient outcomes in a positive manner and advance healthcare support and care within healthcare settings. She is an educational, strategic, and results-driven asset to her clients and colleagues. She strives to work with intelligent, talented, and passionate individuals in order to collaborate ideas, motivate teams, and develop best practices in order to support each other in reaching growth targets and expand professional development. When she's not striving to make the world a better place, you can find her traveling, working out, reading any book in the areas of science, history or neurology, volunteering, hiking, biking, diving or boating.

Jacob Tilk – Digital Marketing Manager

Jacob has over four years’ experience as a marketer. Jacob has marketed for a multitude of industries from financial to e-commerce; and has played pivotal roles in the development of business, sales, and marketing efforts. Jacob shines in the areas of digital marketing, brand building, and business development. Jacob earned his Bachelor’s of Business Administration degree with a major in Marketing and minor in Business from Western Michigan University. He has also acquired his certification in Software Development from Grand Circus.

Consultants & Job Seekers

The HealthCareTalentLink job site provides an opportunity for employers to connect with consultants and job seekers looking for meaningful employment in healthcare related organizations.
The HealthCareTalentLink job site can help streamline your job search by providing a professional profile, job alerts, text messages when jobs are posted, and a private messaging center to communicate with hiring managers.

Employers & Recruiters

The HealthCareTalentLink job site can help streamline your hiring process by providing a robust consultant and job seeker database, exclusive Match Jobs to Feature, custom email templates, instant notifications when consultants and job seekers register, and a messaging center to communicate with consultants. And so much more!

HealthCareTalentLink works with all types of healthcare companies and organizations to help connect consultants and job seekers with employers.