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Why You Should Post On Niche Job Boards

Why You Should Post On Niche Job Boards

There has been an intense amount of buzz about job boards as recruiters and candidates shift towards using different media to connect and apply for jobs. So are job boards still relevant? The answer is most definitely, more than ever. They are among the top three sources of hire today.

  • Job Boards, 18%
  • Career Sites, 23%
  • Referrals, 24%

What Is A Niche Job Board?

Niche job boards like Healthcare Consultant are generally smaller job boards that are location or industry focused. From the perspective of a recruiter, the industry focus of niche job boards helps to target their advertisements toward qualified candidates. As a bonus: recruiters report improved quality of candidates because candidates belonging to and seeking jobs through a professional association are in most cases, more focused on career, skills, and trade development.


What Benefits Do Niche Boards Provide?

Niche job boards have made it easy for candidates to discover new companies and apply for open positions. Over the years, this did come at a cost. Recruiters have complained about being bombarded with unqualified applicants that must be sifted through before finding top talent. This is a time consuming and expensive process when recruiting departments try to become more efficient and strategic. With this in mind, strategic recruiters have gravitated toward using more targeted job advertisements by utilizing niche job boards.

Niche job boards often don’t boast the traffic of larger sites like Indeed or Monster, but it’s naive to rule them out of recruitment advertising budgets. Niche job boards attract specific candidates that possess specialized skills and more relevant, up-to-date experience. Niche job boards don’t have the quantity of traffic that the big sites have, but they have higher quality and more relevant applicants. Making niche job boards the fastest and most efficient way to find strong candidates, leading to a lower cost-to-fill.


What Kind Of Candidates Do Niche Boards Find?

Job boards not only help recruiters fill current openings, but also help strategic sourcers as they look to build a strong talent pipeline for future openings as well. Job boards provide the opportunity for employers to build and manage their brand that attracts active jobseekers and passive jobseekers. A place that will organically generate future applicants!

Passive jobseekers, or in other words, people who are often employed but open to new opportunities; occasionally browse the different openings that are available. At some point, they may be in a position to make a career move and will likely start with companies that they are already familiar with seeing. Here are some ways to use job boards for recruiting, sourcing, and branding to reach these candidates:

  • Use consistent branding for your job postings.
  • Own some of the job boards ad space on the home page or in ongoing job alerts. Is there a niche job board you successfully recruited from in the past? This could be an untapped opportunity to extend your employment brand.
  • Connect with passive candidates and job seekers through a multi-channel marketing approach. Are there networking events or career fairs that job seekers or niche job boards are familiar with and attend? Attend those events while maintaining an online presence on those niche job boards and social media.

Finding the best talent for your job openings is pertinent for your organization to reach its goals and objectives. Niche job boards like Healthcare Consultant are a valuable resource for finding world class talent and vital to a successful recruitment strategy.


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