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Best Healthcare Jobs For Introverts

The Best Healthcare Jobs For Introverts

Speak up if you’re an introvert (or don’t really, you probably don’t want to tell everyone). Well, I’ve got news for you, introverts are everywhere around you. Likely, out of every two or three people you know, at least one of them is an introvert. If you’ve worked with an introverted individual, you’re going to have to look inside to see that they have incredible value when it comes to work ethic. In fact, if you’re an introvert, (which you likely are, because you’re reading this article) then you should know there is a correlation with an increased level of intelligence and being an introvert. More than 75% of people with an IQ above 160 are in fact, introverted. So, what are the best healthcare careers and the best healthcare jobs for introverts? What are the highest paying medical jobs for introverts? What are the best nursing jobs for introverts? Read on to find out.

Clinical Laboratory Technician

When doctors order a test, they aren’t the ones who are actually running the tests in question. Laboratory Technicians are the ones who run the testing in the majority of healthcare facilities. This job is critical to the diagnosing and healing of patients. You need to be detail-oriented, and not bothered by long days working by yourself or with very few colleagues. To become a Clinical Laboratory Technician, you’ll need a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited program and several months of training. Although, some states may allow you to start working with an associate’s degree. Clinical Laboratory Technicians make an average of over $20 an hour!


Billing Specialist

Nursing homes, doctors offices, and hospitals just wouldn’t be able to continue their business without getting paid by the health insurance companies. Let me tell you, healthcare billing is not something that is easy to navigate. In fact, most healthcare institutions hire full-time staff to fulfill the requirements set in pace by insurance companies. This career is actually great for an introvert because you spend most of the time looking at rejected claims, studying new rules from your largest insurance clients, and making sure insurance is filled out correctly. The pay isn’t too shabby either, bringing in a median 40k salary per year with no degree.

Medical Coder

Medical Coders are responsible for assigning the correct code to describe the type of medical service that a patient will receive. They check to make sure that the correct codes are applied during the medical billing process, which may include removing the information from documentation, assigning appropriate codes, and creating claims to be paid by insurance carriers. They often work in hospitals, clinics, and physicians offices. To become a Medical Coder, you will need a certificate or an associate’s degree in medical coding or a similar field. This is a great entry level position, bringing in an average of $26.09 per hour. With managers bringing in $34.22 per hour on average.

Healthcare Administrator

Being a Healthcare Administrator is a wonderful idea for introverts who don’t mind working with a small group of people. Healthcare Administrators manage long-term care facilities, health insurance teams, and hospital departments. Some days you’ll work on analyzing budgets and crafting plans. Other times you’ll be working with your staff or management to get things done. Not to mention, demand for this role will be increasing significantly in the coming years. The pay is great too, bringing in a solid $69,000 salary average. To become this, it’s also recommended you get a Bachelor’s degree.


Are you analytically minded? Do you like numbers? Biostatisticians analyze the data for healthcare related companies. You spend most of the day working on the computer and analyzing the data they send you. Some however, have more research based roles, where you may need to meet with certain patients or organizations to collect the data you’ll be analyzing. To become a biostatician you’ll likely need a Master’s of Science degree in Biostatistics or a Master’s of Public Health with a concentration in epidemiology or biostatistics. The average annual salary for this position definitely makes up for the education required though, bringing in a solid average of $78,000 annually.


Now, I know what you’re thinking; don’t nurses need to meet with patients constantly? I’ve got news for you, there are definitely nursing jobs for introverts. Nursing typically isn’t something that introverts would find to be an issue. It’s because social interaction isn’t necessarily the same as a professional and transactional interaction. With nursing, you also repeat many of the same things over and over, which is basically like not having an actual conversation. Does this still sound awful? 

If it does, good news, you can be the quiet nurse who does the job. As long as you complete the tasks needed to be a good nurse, you have nothing to worry about! Your ideal nursing jobs would be in a hospital or healthcare institution that doesn’t require you to have too much hands on interaction with patients. You could even try finding a job at a long-term healthcare facility like a nursing home because you’ll be meeting with the same people each day and get used to it. The incentive for going into nursing is high, requiring a Bachelor’s degree to be a Registered Nurse (RN) earning an average salary of $75,510.


Healthcare Information Technology Specialist

Healthcare embraces more and more new technologies with each coming day. Whether it’s technologies to manage appointments, patient data, or new medical billing software. If you love to create things and want to work somewhere cheaper to live and less intense than the west coast, consider a career as a Healthcare Information Technology Specialist. No specific degree or training is necessary for finding your job in the field, you just need a strong understanding of computers and the ability to learn quickly. You hardly have to interact with people, making this career perfect for introverts. The pay is great too, bringing in an average annual salary of $75,775.

A Career In Healthcare For Introverts

May seem like a daunting task to some, and although there are many more jobs that could be listed in this blog post, I hope that the range was enough to cover a variety of interests and personality traits for you to get the ball rolling. There are also different kinds of introverts, and if you really want to get into it, I highly recommend you take the Meyers-Briggs Personality Test to gain deeper insight. We actually have tons of healthcare jobs for introverts posted on our job board. So if you’re looking for the next step in your career, look no further. What scares you most about working in Healthcare?