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Best Healthcare Jobs For Moms

When it comes to the best careers for working moms, a career in healthcare or medical specialties is usually something that comes to mind quickly. The healthcare industry just happens to be the largest employer in the United States, boasting a whopping 16.5 million employees. Almost 80% of whom are women, like you! It’s a common misconception that the healthcare industry does not allow for flexibility, and because of this, many women choose not to pursue a career in healthcare because they don’t want to choose between a career and being a mother.

No worries though, there are a lot of great job and career prospects for women in healthcare that will allow you the balance you need to succeed. Make sure to check out some of these family friendly medical careers below.

Pharmaceutical Sales


We’re starting it off with a role that many wouldn’t immediately think of when the best medical jobs for mothers is mentioned. This is working as a pharmaceutical sales or drug sales representative. You’d be joining a niche group of over 81,000 pharmaceutical representatives in the United States alone, who play a critical role in the healthcare industry. They work for different companies representing and selling medical equipment and medicine. The career involves meeting with doctors, hospitals, and pharmacists to ensure that sales are completed. Drug representatives make sure that patients receive the top-of-the-line treatments they need, as they come out.

A large part of this career is traveling to different clinics and hospitals to meet with healthcare providers for in-person meetings and demonstrations. It’s because of traveling, that people often believe that it’s not one of the most family-friendly careers for working moms. However, let me clear this up for you as this is one of the best medical fields for moms.

Depending on your place of employment, this is one of the best opportunities in the healthcare industry for mothers to work a medical career with regular hours. Once you have enough experience, you will also have control over how many meetings you schedule, and when you’re planning to schedule them. Need to pick up the kids from school early? No problem. Working in pharmaceutical sales, you also won’t ever have to be on-call like many other positions.

With this being one of the most flexible medical careers, the benefits are hard to match in the industry. The pay is also quite good, bringing in an average of $73,000 per year annually. This pay has upward scaling mobility as well.

Women’s Health

You’re a woman, you know what it’s like to be a woman. Women’s health is a branch of medicine that focuses on the issues that women only experience. It’s because of this, that female doctors are in high demand, and it’s no wonder this is one of the best careers for working moms.

Women’s health covers a variety of topics within the healthcare industry, most commonly reproductive health such as fertility issues, endometriosis, and support for women who are experiencing menopause. You’ll also be hands on in finding and diagnosing medical conditions. You’ll be providing the opportunity for women to go in and get smear tests and breast scans. You’ll be able to catch breast and cervical cancer as early as possible.

As a practitioner of women’s health, you’ll also have the opportunity to work with OB/GYN’s to make sure women have a successful pregnancy. If you aren’t trying to be a doctor, one of the best positions for this field is to be a midwife or a delivery nurse. Check your state government’s rules and regulations on their website to find a list of the state's health departments and the requirements they have for work.

The best part about working in women’s healthcare is that women are in demand and because of this, the pay is higher than average. Making this one of the best healthcare jobs for single mothers, who are able to afford childcare because of the higher wages.

Medical Writing Jobs

Do you like to stay up-to-date with the innovations that are occurring in the healthcare industry? As one of the most flexible healthcare careers out there, medical writing allows you to get involved in the latest and greatest projects from home.

Medical writing careers are an essential part of the healthcare industry. They help spread the information that is important about new drugs, practices, and treatments. Without this important information being spread, advancements in medicine would be significantly more difficult. This is one of the few careers in medicine where women can work remote. Working remotely in healthcare is often something people don’t think is possible, but all you need is a computer and a half-decent internet connection.

As one of the most flexible medical careers, you’ll get to save time commuting to work and take care of the household. You can log out just in time to pick up the kids or attend their soccer games. Who doesn’t want to spend more time with their family? That’s what makes this a quality career for moms, whether single or not.


There are more than 2.9 million nurses working across the United States, making it one of the most popular and lucrative medical careers for working mothers. The job itself offers a lot of variety in your days, and the job is in demand everywhere, making it one of the easiest and best medical careers for moms. This allows you to find a position that really connects with you.

Nursing jobs often work using a shift model. This means you can choose the shifts where you’re available, and leave behind the shifts where you have something else to do! You can even look for nursing roles with specified hours so you have lots of time to take care of the things you need to take care of.

Medical Recruitment Roles For Moms

I’ve written in this blog all about how there are plenty of positions open and you should take advantage of that. Well, what better way for a mom working in healthcare to take advantage of the jobs that are open than becoming a medical recruiter? This is an office job in healthcare that makes you responsible for finding and staffing hospitals and clinics. This is a great job for those who aren’t afraid to talk to people and get to know them. You get to use a number of tools to connect with potential candidates, whether it’s social media or in-person events.

Training staff and ensuring that staff are being treated adequately is also something that you’ll likely be in charge of. This is a career that often falls within a human resources or talent acquisition team. Most organizations are looking for a team player to fill a role like this. If you hate people, this probably isn’t the move for you. But if you like them, it definitely could be.

One of the best bonuses for a mom working in this medical role is that the hours are stable. You can book vacations, you’ll have weekends off, and you’ll be nice and relaxed after a weekend at home with the kids ready to hit the grind with a cup of coffee.

Physical Therapy

If you’re interested in potentially being a physician one day, physical therapy is a great place to start. This medical career path for moms focuses on ways to manage injuries and heal them without the use of surgery. The use of physical therapy also has long-term benefits!

As a physical therapist, you get to develop interpersonal relationships with your patients over a period of time. It can be very rewarding to see the progress you’re making with them and the difference that you’re making in their lives. When it comes to being a parent and a physical therapist, the flexibility is pretty hard to beat.                    

You can likely find work attached to a hospital, but for the most flexibility in your career you could work as a freelancer as a physical therapist. Taking freelance contracts and not having to answer to anyone means you have control over how much or how little you work. Being a working mother in healthcare, if things go well, you’ll be able to open your own specialized practice. Doing this will give you the most flexibility in your career. You make the hours after all.

Becoming A Physician

Look, I get it, you’ve got kids. But who says you can’t be a physician? One of the reasons that there are fewer women in senior medical positions across America is because of the mentality that you can’t accomplish your dreams because you have children.


One thing to consider is the type of medicine you wish to practice. Different areas in medicine have different demands and these demands determine the amount of flexibility you get. Some careers in medicine for women require that you drop everything you’re doing and drive to the hospital. Others have shorter hours, and more stable hours that you can set. Becoming a physician in dermatology for instance, you won’t have such pressing needs for your time by patients. You can even work as a general practitioner for a great medical career with work life balance. You get the wonderful chance to develop relationships with patients that last years.

Let’s get you in your next position today. Check out our jobs, guarantee there’s something that peaks your interest.