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The 7 Healthcare Recruiting Strategies You Need

Healthcare Recruitment Strategies

In today’s current climate, we can assume finding a job is rough, but for companies and recruiters trying to find the right healthcare candidates, that’s even tougher. Competition in this current climate is fierce. If you’re a person looking for a job, you can’t just toss out applications in a laissez-faire fashion. So at a time like this, sourcing the right healthcare workers has become more critical than ever.

According to the Economist Intelligence Unit of Prudential Retirement, they said that they expect their organizations will face a serious talent shortage within 10 years. This will impact the ability they have as an organization to deliver care to the people who need it most.

As an organization or recruiter, it is important to recognize that you will need an efficient method for hiring the best healthcare talent. Things have to be organized, systemized, and just well, click into place. The better of a job that you do now in hiring your workforce, the better prepared your organization will be ten years down the line when the Baby Boomers all need someone to take care of them. Keep reading for the best healthcare recruiting tips out there.

So just like the Boy Scout motto says: “Be Prepared”.

Be Prepared: To Hire Healthcare Talent

You can’t just go out there and start grabbing workers all willy nilly. You need to take stock of your organization, it’s tools, assets, needs, and hierarchy. 

Ask yourself the following:

  • What can you offer prospective workers to make your job competitive with the others out there? 
  • What can you do with your company culture to ensure that you aren’t losing money hiring and training an employee who will leave two months later?

Quality over Quantity: 7 Recruiting Ideas for Healthcare

The turnover rate in the healthcare providers report points to a turnover rate of one third. That’s 33% of people who decide to leave a position. It’s a problem in organizations of any size and that’s why we’ve put together these seven recruiting ideas for the healthcare field.

Recruit Healthcare Talent from Colleges

One of the main issues with the healthcare field is that there just isn’t enough qualified talent to fill positions. Many healthcare roles require advanced degrees and certifications, so it makes sense to build relationships with people early on so that way they can become a valuable resource to you or your organization later down the line.


At this stage, you will need to nurture these potential candidates to turn them into connections you will be able to utilize down the line. At this stage, whether you’re a recruiter or a hiring manager, you will be serving as a mentor. Help students determine the best career path for them and provide them the resources they need to get there.

By mentoring these young and impressionable minds, you’ll build the foundation for long-term loyalty, which as we know from life, pays off in droves of dividends. This fills up your pipeline for future growth.

Find and Utilize the Best Job Boards for Healthcare

Honestly, there aren’t many good ones out there that don’t charge exacerbated fees and have a heavy audience of unqualified applicants from out of the country. That’s why we created Healthcare Consultant, the actual number one Healthcare Job Board. We made this job board with one goal in mind; to create a place where employers and recruiters can find the best niche-specific talent at an affordable price. We’ve even been listed on Job Stars as one of the best niche job sites, check them and some of their services out.

Job boards have always been a great resource for healthcare recruiters, so why wouldn’t you want to source your talent from the best healthcare-focused job board? This improves your chances of finding the top active and passive talent. Give us a try today, you won’t regret it.

Keep your Healthcare Hiring Mobile-First

When looking for a job, candidates hate to be bombarded with lots of back and forths, lack of information, and useless online skills tests.

Application and hiring providers such as Healthcare Consultant make way for a simple and effective hiring process that emphasizes a mobile-first strategy. This is important because 78% of millennials apply for their jobs on mobile devices. By overlooking this, you are missing a major part of your future pipeline potential.

A career portal like Healthcare Consultant’s that is optimized for mobile is important because it is easy and intuitive for potential applicants to use and there are many tools available like OptyInterview that make the candidate screening process faster and more consistent. This way you can maximize your time, effort, and find the best candidates without any nonsense getting in the way.

Think Outside the Profession

A lot of professionals don’t directly work in healthcare but crossover pretty often. It’s important to capitalize on this niche group of job seekers when you consider the competition is already hot on your heels for the same candidates. Healthcare Consultants are a great example of this because they can work in a variety of fields such as IT or Finance, but still specialize in specifically Healthcare. It’s a good way to keep your pipeline fresh, full, and exciting. Another group of people to consider is military veterans who are just leaving the service and returning to life with the rest of us. They are non traditional targets that can make for wonderful additions to teams.

Benefits and Compensation are Key

In this field, it’s the job-seeker that holds the power to control destiny. There’s no getting around this because the majority of positions require extensive education and experience. In fact, a staggering 63% of hiring managers have reported that they have had to make their compensation packages more attractive to potential candidates in order to fill their roles.

If you don’t have the funds to pay more money, what else can you offer to make your brand stick out?

These perks for joining your organization can be things like:

  • Relocation assistance
  • Sign-on bonuses
  • College or medical-school debt assistance
  • Paid conferences and travel
  • Free medical or dental insurance
  • Paid travel allowance, a company car, or a company phone
  • Free lunch days or gym memberships
  • Longer maternity leave or caregiver time
  • Increased vacation, PTO, flex time, or the ability to work remote

Look Within for Hiring

Promotions are a wonderful way to find the skilled talent you’re looking for to fill open roles. The reasoning behind this is because they already know your organization, its culture, its mission, and has a proven track record of success. This will fill your organization faster, cheaper, and builds a positive environment that encourages people to work hard for the opportunity at a promotion. This is also a selling point that you can disclose to potential applicants as a reason to join your healthcare organization.

Use top notch Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

The applicants of today's day and age require more effort during the hiring process. That’s why getting an ATS like OptyInterview in your portfolio will allow for premium features like employee screening that allows applicants to check their application status, skill assessments, and virtual interviews. It makes the hiring process easier for you, and less stressful for them. 


With OptyInterview as your ATS, you get the following:

  • Screening assessments with text and video options for candidates to identify better hires faster without the hassle of in-person interviews or phone screening.
  • Create and send shareable interview recordings to get feedback from hiring managers as hiring teams are working remotely.
  • Live interviews connect the candidates and the employer with the next best option to an in-person interview.
  • Accept video applications so you can get a better feel for new hires before you interview them. This goes beyond a resume or photo.
  • Collaborate with your team by sharing, reviewing, and rating interviews.

It’s time to go out there and utilize your newfound recruiting strategies for healthcare. Finding the right employees can be tough, but they’re out there. Register on Healthcare Consultant today to start finding the best and most qualified healthcare talent.