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4 Key Advantages To Working In Healthcare

4 Key Advantages To Working In Healthcare

The Reasons You Should Work In Healthcare

Your friends and family know you’re not digging your current position. There’s probably no room for advancement, and you feel like your natural talents aren’t being utilized to their full capacity. We all know the feeling. Maybe this exact scenario or a similar one made you curious about making a difference in the world and working in the healthcare industry?

The rumors around massive growth in the healthcare job market in recent years are completely and utterly true. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the healthcare industry is expected to add more jobs than any other industry until 2024. Are those jobs what you’re searching for? You definitely don’t want another flop of a job opportunity under your belt.

The reasons for choosing a career in the healthcare industry are diverse and exciting. No matter the skills or interests you have, there is a way to segment that into the healthcare field. An amazing thing about working in healthcare is that the benefits are practically unparalleled.

Skyrocketing Job Opportunities

In this field, there isn’t really much to worry about in terms of job prospects. The aging baby boomer generation and their medical needs mean the healthcare industry has to expand, which is why the statistic from the Bureau of Labor Statistics above is totally relevant. Take a look at some of these projections for job growth in the healthcare field:

  • Physical Therapy Assistants and Aides: 40% Growth
  • Surgical Technologists: 15% Growth
  • Medical Assistants: 23% Growth
  • Laboratory Technologists and Technicians: 14% Growth
  • Radiologic Technicians and Technologists: 9% Growth

Now, let’s go into why the growth of the field means more money for you.

Bring Home The Bread

Your job should be more than just a paycheck. However, I know the salary does matter for securing your job position, you do have things to pay for afterall. Healthcare can offer a fulfilling work life and an above-average salary.


According to BLS the median annual wage for healthcare occupations like dental hygienists and registered nurses is around $63,420 average annually. In comparison, the median annual wage for all occupations is $37,040.

You Can Work From Anywhere

Healthcare positions often have flexible schedules, which I’ll touch on later. Because of this and advancing technology, healthcare workers are often able to work remotely.The industry itself also offers lots of opportunities to work overnights or a second shift, enjoy short workweeks or even work remotely.

Several positions often work from home on a daily basis. Medical Transcriptionists are a great example of a career which does this. A medical transcriptionist in many cases works from homes, translates medical abbreviations, and checks patients files for errors.


It’s really easy to see how non-patient-facing roles can be carried out from home, but direct patient care jobs also have work-from-anywhere options. Nurse advocate or nursing case manager are good examples of positions that can fulfill this.

Flexible Schedules Are A Lifesaver

People are always in need of medical attention. Whether it’s night or day, there’s always a distinct need, meaning, many roles will allow you to work a flexible schedule. You can work second shift, overnights, take advantage of shorter workweeks, and in many cases work remotely.

Obviously the first position we all think of when thinking about flexible schedules are Registered Nurses or RN’s. The three day per week work schedule is something a lot of people strive for. There are many positions that do this, check this out.


I hope that these four reasons to work in healthcare are beneficial to you and help you reach the top of your game. If you’re looking for that next healthcare job opportunity, make sure to check out our niche healthcare job board Healthcare Consultant to see some amazing job opportunities. Here at Healthcare Consultant, we’re dedicated to helping you find the healthcare position of your dreams.