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What Is A Healthcare Career Ladder?

Career Ladders In Healthcare

What is a Healthcare Career Ladder?

A healthcare career ladder is essentially a promotion to the next position up. As you all know at the beginning of our employment history, we typically start at entry level and move into management or even further in some cases. These new levels tend to have higher levels of pay, higher authority, and in many cases improved benefits from the organization in which you are employed. Career ladders in the healthcare niche tend to provide a wide range of assorted pathways to achieve a rewarding and exciting career. Most start at the bottom, but with education and training you may not have to start directly at the bottom.

Once you step onto the rungs of your healthcare career ladder firmly, you’ll have opportunities to step over onto a new career ladder, maybe it matches your goals better to swap into a niche you’re interested in. A lateral move on the ladder that makes you happy is still considered as career progression.

What does a healthcare career ladder typically look like?

Your specific healthcare ladder depends wholeheartedly on your position, education, and experience, but here are some examples of the healthcare career ladder in action:

  • Medical Secretary → Medical Records → Medical Transcriptionist → Billing and Coding
  • Nurse Aid → Patient Care Tech → LPN → Registered Nurse (RN)
  • Sterile Processing → Surgical Tech → Clinical Lab Tech → Radiologic Tech
  • Environmental and Dietary → Patient Transport → Tech Positions → Supervisor

Healthcare Administration Career Ladder:

  • Assistant Administrator → Mid-Level Manager → Healthcare Vice President

Medical career ladders are really common for people who start their career as an EMT. Many students use this job to gain experience and earn money while going to school to become a physician or a nurse.


Healthcare organizations are always looking to hire the best talent they can find to fill their open roles. Many health care careers require education and training that takes time to complete. If you need to work to provide for yourself while going to school to prepare for one of these more intense careers, it may be tough to find the time and money to continue your education. You can also consider applying for a career ladder program to get the education and to acquire the skills that you need so you don’t have to take time off of work while you prepare for the next rung of the ladder.

I hope that you got all the information you needed about the health career ladder, if you’re looking for that next step in your career, make sure you check out our free niche healthcare job board, Healthcare Consultant.