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Home Travel Nursing While Married: Tips and Tricks to Make It Work

Travel Nursing While Married: Tips and Tricks to Make It Work

Travel Nursing While Married: Ultimate Strategies For Success

Many nurses are hesitant to take advantage of the extra perks travel nursing has to offer because they may be married or in a long term relationship. This is a struggle for a lot of people because they're wondering what the repercussions of this kind of action will be for them and their partner.

If you’re someone reading this article who doesn’t work in the medical field, this may seem like a big challenge for your relationship. What if I told you it doesn't have to be as big of a challenge as you think it will be? With a little planning, teamwork, and patience, it’s possible to position yourselves to make the transition from your old life to this new journey happen cleanly together. Any good team will need to support each other to achieve their goals, ambitions, and much else.

Let's get into the nitty gritty and break down some methods that can help your relationship to succeed with the transition of becoming a travel nurse, we're going to focus on the positive.

Support Your Traveling Companion

Travel nurses make a significant income (think like $4,500 per week) that can be used to support their family if the partner can't find or doesn't want a job.

Moving to a new place can be quite daunting. Where are you going to live? What is the cost of living? The questions here and the stress that comes with moving are endless.

You and your partner are on a team that needs to conquer the tasks that are going to be put in front of you with this one. As a suggestion, one of the things you can do is sit down with your partner and break down the household tasks, moving tasks, and other tasks and break them into pieces. Crossing them off the list will feel pretty satisfying.

Experience Local Culture on Travel Assignment

In any place you travel to, there are places to work that are pretty easy to leave once the travel nursing contract is over. Not only do you bring in extra cash for the house, but there are also plenty of opportunities to learn a new skill or get in touch with a brand new community. Whether it's a serving role, working at a hardware store, or finding an online side hustle you can start. More on this in the next section.

Make Money at the Drop of a Hat

Jobs like Postmates, Uber, and DoorDash are a method to make cash quickly, without a boss, without contracts, and can be done any time. These sorts of jobs typically bring in between $18 and 22 per hour according to my research. So if you're in a pinch, this is definitely one of the moves.

Partners and Distance

A lot of travel nurses and partners form an arrangement to stay home and take care of the house they've already built together. In between assignments, the travel nurse can visit and spend time at home or take as much time off as they want because of the high income. Time apart from your partner isn't always ideal, but in some cases it can be a viable strategy.

Travel Nursing Together with your Spouse

Travel nursing can take a lot out of a couple. It can be strenuous to navigate your way through nursing school and then to leave your partner at home or uproot your entire life and move across the land.

Travel Nursing while married definitely has its advantages and disadvantages, the key to remember is that you and your spouse can make it happen, whether it’s with the tips in this guide or not. If you’re looking for your next travel nursing job opportunity, don’t forget to sign up on our free Healthcare Job Board, Healthcare Consultant.