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Top 5 Healthcare Job Search Tips

5 Ultimate Healthcare Job Search Tips

The job marketplace gets more complex and tougher to navigate by the day. It’s often difficult to separate yourself from other candidates in what seems like a world of inadequacy. Employers and healthcare recruiters are swamped with qualified applicants and that means that job seekers need to find a way to stand out. 

The good news is, even though the job marketplace is increasingly becoming tougher to navigate, there are things you can do to optimize your chances of landing the interview.

If you take the time to put these tips I’m about to mention into action, you’ll see your job search efforts improve dramatically in efficiency.

Research For Results

This is probably the most obvious yet overlooked thing to any job search or job hunting process. When people start their new job opportunity, the first thing they look over is the job application.

Job seekers look at job postings quickly to determine whether or not they can do the job and whether or not they meet the qualifications required to apply.

With most large job boards in today’s modern age, job board applicants can quickly apply through one-click methods and because of that, there is a massive influx of candidates for most open positions, leaving a lot of clutter and crap for potential employers to sift through.

So what you want to do in this case is to separate yourself from other job candidates by doing your research on the hospital, healthcare facility, and job position in question. This will be beneficial for you in your interviews along with finding out whether or not it’s something that you’re interested in, you’ll have a bit of research on whether or not you want to work for the organization in question.

You also won’t be wasting the hiring manager or organization’s time by wasting their time interviewing for a position you aren’t actually interested in.

Work That Resume

A critical aspect to your job search that people somehow neglect is working on their resumes. It’s a common thought of job seekers that they should have one resume that fits all jobs they’re applying to, when in fact, you should be putting in the extra effort to customize your resume for each individual job position you are applying to. See them mentioning a particular skill on the job posting that you possess and is not on your resume? Great. You better make sure you put that skill on there to catch the interviewer’s attention.


For example, if you’re applying for a nursing role, make sure you cater what’s on your resume directly to the role itself. Highlight your really strong qualities that resonate with the job posting.

You’ll want to write any personal, volunteer, or professional experience that highlights your skills and passion for helping others through active care.

You wouldn’t want to put that you are experienced in Microsoft Office as a Nurse because well, that should be inherently obvious to you. Do you use it at your job?

The Dreaded Cover Letter

Each job you apply to will need a custom cover letter. But fret not, these can be a positive pain by allowing you a time to explain who you are, what your credentials are, and your direct experience in the position in question that will benefit the organization you are applying to. Basically, these help you to let them know what kind of value that you are bringing to the table if you were to join their organization.

Cover letters should be completely professional in nature but you do not need for it to be as well written and perfect as your resume should be. You can be creative and hook the reader with your writing by both entertaining them and communicating the type of value you can bring to their organization.

An easy way to take your cover letter and save time with writing is to have a base cover letter you created that will work for any generic job, but have sections set up so that you can customize it with aspects of the company or position you want to touch on.

By taking the time to explain in extensive detail how you fit all the desired qualifications that the job posting has and how your education and experience separates you from other applicants applying for the job, you’ll definitely stick out of the pack.

Use Niche Healthcare Job Boards

Hospital and healthcare recruiters are consistently looking for ways to decrease their recruiting and hiring budgets and increase the efficiency in which they source candidates.

Because of this, they have been increasingly turning to niche healthcare job boards such as Healthcare Consultant due to the fact that large job boards like Indeed send in piles of spam applications due to the previously mentioned one-click apply functionality.

Healthcare Consultant is the top niche healthcare job board that hospitals and healthcare recruiters are turning to as a leading platform for pricing and targeted, qualified candidates.

On healthcare niche job boards, healthcare recruiters can find qualified healthcare candidates directly and reduce their worry about having to sift through candidates who are not qualified for the job posting.

This is also an opportunity for you to shine amongst the pack of applicants because less people in the industry even know about niche healthcare job boards.

Leverage LinkedIn To Make Healthcare Connections

There are a lot of platforms out there that help you to improve your professional connections and make your job search just that much easier. One of the platforms in question is LinkedIn, you can connect with the right people to help improve your job search.


LinkedIn lets you connect with hospital and healthcare professionals. Want to work at a certain place? Make a connection and meet for coffee. You can bond with people on a variety of levels and talk about your experience and educational backgrounds.

A good way to leverage LinkedIn would be to ask a healthcare recruiter on the platform about a potential job opening, then name drop the healthcare professional you have been connected with and friendly with. Let them know you were recommended by the connection you made and ask if the position is available.

This will help you get another foot in the door for the position, that is an extra food over the person who does not have a connection at the organization. All it took was a few steps.

Concluding These Healthcare Job Search Tips

As the market for finding positions becomes increasingly more competitive and continues to ever-evolve, you need to take extra steps to make yourself stand out from the average joe when you’re looking for your next healthcare job. This seems like more work up front, but in the end, you’ll be glad you took the time to make your job search process easier and more effective.