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Best Nursing Jobs For New Graduate Nurses

Best Nursing Jobs For New Grads

What are the best nursing jobs for new grads to look for? What jobs should new nurses look for?

So it is likely that you won’t get your dream job right away out of college, that’s just facts. But contrary to the beliefs planted in the back of your mind, this doesn’t mean that you’ve failed. So many of us start in different areas, discover new passions through our work, and our career journeys look vastly different than what we thought while we were in nursing school.

The best nursing jobs for new nurse grads are honestly the ones that give you the chance to grow and learn. As you’re looking for jobs, keep a list of the things that matter most to you in a position at hand so you can choose jobs based on how the organizations meet them.

New Nurse Grad Job Priorities

These are the most important priorities you should consider when looking for your first nursing job.

Your Emotional and Mental Health

It’s a tough transition to go from school to being on your own and unleashed into the wild world of medicine. You need a job position that will support you through your career developmental journey along with an awareness of the challenges you may be facing. Many organizations may provide resources for mental health.

New Nurse Support

Ask if the organization you’re looking at has a residency program or something specific to help onboard newly licensed nurses. You should ask this in the interview or it should be very obvious from the website. It’s advised to prioritize jobs with a residency program or structured way to support newbies over the ideal unit.

Nothing is worse for your mental health than an unsafe environment or one that doesn’t acknowledge the fact that new employees need support. If the hospital has plans to onboard brand new nurses the same way as experienced nurses, that’s an issue.

The Importance of The Learning Curve

You want to work for an organization who understands your first job will be a learning experience, especially within the first six months and give you room to blossom.

Don’t Quit Nursing Because of A Bad Gig

If you can prevent it, you obviously don’t want to start your first nursing position in a toxic workplace environment. This may cause some to want to reevaluate everything and leave the profession entirely. It’s way better working on a busy med surg unit or LTACH with supportive and fun colleagues than an ICU that is sucking all of the life force out of you.

How To Pick Your Nursing Specialty

It’s recommended that you only go into a specialty of nursing right out of school if you are positive that is exactly what you want. So if you think you want to be a labor or delivery nurse for instance, that means you probably loved your time there during clinical.


It costs hospitals up to a million dollars to train new nurses, especially in a specialty area. So if you don’t know what you’re getting into, they’re much less likely to hire you for that and take that expensive chance. If it ends up not being for you, you can just switch it up.

What if you don’t get a hospital job right off the bat?

The market for new nurses is tougher than any other nurses. Not everyone gets the dream hospital job right off the cuff with the right hospital. It can feel like a pretty big blow, so what should you do?

There are a lot of options for you outside the hospital, so no worries:

  • Outpatient Dialysis
  • Long Term Acute Care Hospitals (LTACH)
  • Skilled Nursing
  • Ventilator Units
  • Rehabilitation
  • Home Health
  • Nursing Homes
Lastly, if you’re looking for the nursing position of your dreams, don’t forget to check out our free niche healthcare job board, Healthcare Consultant.