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Medical Billing and Coding Vs. Nursing

Medical Billing and Coding Vs. Nursing

You may be interested in entering the medical field and as we know, there are a million ways in which we can do it. Two of the most popular options out there are nursing and medical billing and coding. Oddly enough, these roles in the healthcare environment are vastly different.

Nursing is more directly focused on patient care and basic diagnosis of medical problems, while medical billing and coding revolves are the billing and accurate data entry of patient records.

The distinction between the two is very apparent, but if you’re planning out your career path, we know precisely how daunting a decision like that can be.

But we are about to break down Medical Billing and Coding Vs. Nursing

Training to become a nurse gives you a few different options when it’s broken down into subcategories. The fastest way is to snag your associates degree in nursing. This typically takes around two years for completion with full time study. It may also take four years, depending on how and where you learn at. This will often give you the quickest avenue to find future employment as a nurse, it gives you the education in the sciences and general nursing skills.

The best way to become a nurse is arguably a four year degree. If you study hard, in some cases you can get this done in three to four years. The coursework is entirely comprehensive and you’ll study different areas of nursing and health, which may help you to specialize or even work towards a doctorate in medicine at a later stage in your career.

Both options do include training that you’ll have to partake in regardless, so depending on where you study and for how long, there will be costs incurred.

Medical Billing and Coding Training is an easier route:

A certificate course in medical procedure code might be an easier and more short-term lucrative route for you. Your goal can be achieved with just a year of studying instead of four. Coding is a highly specialized and in demand field, meaning there are as many branches available to you as a career in comparison with nursing. You’ll both be working in the healthcare industry, but you won’t be working in the same environment.

In medical billing and coding training you will learn how to take customer medical records and accurately transcribe them into industry standard codes that are required. These codes help to ensure patients get the right care, practical insurance coverage, and then help governmental agencies monitor health statistics across the country.

Medical Billers and Coders also have very high demand meaning there is a ton of expected growth up until 2024. With the median salary being over $37,000 annually with potential for increases, this is a solid and stable career. Nursing doesn’t sit much higher and you won’t have the massive student loan debt that comes along with a four year program. Coding also isn’t a closed career path, meaning you can find yourself moving into management, hospital administration, or even a career switch by obtaining additional education within the healthcare field.

Medical Billing and Coding is an awesome job to have as in many ways, you are responsible for the income of any facility and the role itself doesn’t require much formal education! If you’re looking for your next Medical Billing or Coding role, check out our free niche healthcare job board, Healthcare Consultant.