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Finding Healthcare Jobs in Michigan (Ultimate Guide)

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Finding Healthcare Jobs in Michigan (Ultimate Guide)

Finding Healthcare Jobs in Michigan can be a bit of a struggle, but in this all-inclusive guide we will be showing you the best methods for finding healthcare jobs in Michigan and the best ways to make yourself appeal to prospective employers.

How To Write And Optimize Your Healthcare Resume

The first step to finding your Michigan healthcare job is to make sure that the resume you’re writing for future employers is written neatly and optimized for the jobs at hand.

The steps to writing a meaningful healthcare resume are as follows:

  1. Choose the best format for your resume
  2. Write the Healthcare Resume Objective or Summary Statement
  3. Write clean and succinct job descriptions for your healthcare jobs
  4. Emphasize your healthcare education sign to show qualifications
  5. Put the correct skills for the job on your healthcare resume
  6. Add other relevant sections to your healthcare resume
  7. Attach a healthcare cover letter with each job that asks for it

Choose the best format for your resume

Healthcare is every facet of medical care for an individual or community. Workers in the healthcare industry are tasked with improving health, treating diseases and injuries, preventing illnesses, and diagnosing ailments that are both physical and psychological.

Now, because of this, there isn’t an exact formula when it comes to the best format for your healthcare resume. You want to show the organization’s hiring manager that you possess the skills, education, and background in medical to be a great fit for them.

Write the Healthcare Resume Objective or Summary Statement

A healthcare resume objective or summary, also called a professional profile, is meant to be the resume’s version of an elevator pitch.

This healthcare objective statement should be brief and succinct, giving healthcare managers with your years of medical expertise, knowledge, and skills. It adds a numbered qualification to show that you are serious.

Typically a resume or objective statement is used by those with little to no medical experience. The objective statement gives your goals for your medical position as a replacement for your lack of healthcare experience. It also helps you to bridge your experience in other jobs to tie them in to why some of those skills would transfer over to healthcare.


Write Clean and Succinct Job Descriptions for Your Healthcare Jobs

Here’s how to write the healthcare job descriptions:

You’ll want to start with your most recent medical jobs and healthcare jobs first, and head back from there.

Make sure you put your job title at the top, and follow it up with employment dates, the company names, and then 5-6 bullet points talking about what you did on the job and the progress you made to leave the organization better than you found it.

You’ll also want to start each bullet point on your resume with action words that help the hiring manager to get hooked on you and your story.

Give figures for them to analyze and see your value.

Make sure you set up your resume for the one specific job you are applying for. You should be making slight changes to the thing you emphasize based on what the job description says.

Emphasize your healthcare education sign to show qualifications

The educational background on your healthcare resume will need to be optimized so that potential employers know that you are qualified for the role.

Here’s how to put your education on your healthcare resume correctly:

  • Like work experience, add your highest degree first, then go down chronologically from there.
  • Don’t add high school if you have completed your college degree.
  • List your degree, the major, the school name and location, course completion date, and relevant coursework.
  • You can add extras under all of this such as honors, extracurriculars, or research.

Put the correct skills for the job on your healthcare resume

Make sure you list all the appropriate hard and soft skills you need that line up with the job posting in question.

Other relevant sections on your healthcare resume

Other relevant sections may be sections about your credentialing, extracurriculars, or even volunteer work.

If you need help writing your resume, don't forget to get your free resume review.

Attach a Healthcare Cover Letter with each job that asks for it

The reason you want to do this is because it sets you above the pack if this is done correctly. The majority of people Google how to write a cover letter, slap some generic cover letter in their application, and call it a day. But if you get yourself a cover letter that is useful and easily adaptable to new jobs but allows for the customization needed for that position and the organization, that’s the key.

Using Healthcare Job Boards Effectively

So we’ve touched on how to set up your resume for job applications, but how do you actually apply, the right way?

Well you see, healthcare job sites such as Healthcare Consultant are home to many potential employment opportunities along with competition for those opportunities.

So what do you need to do?


You need to differentiate yourself from your competition by being the best healthcare job applicant you can be. Take these tips and crush the competition:

  • Turn on Job Alerts
    • Being the first one to apply for a position has its benefits as that will almost always guarantee that your application gets seen before the wave of people hit the open position. It also shows a lot of initiative that you got there early.
  • Make your healthcare resume have matching keywords
    • You want your healthcare resume to have keywords that match the jobs you are applying for like mentioned previously in the article.
  • Text message alerts
    • When new jobs become available you should also be the first to apply to those new jobs with text message alerts.
  • Use easy apply carefully
    • When using easy apply make sure you have a copy of your resume that lines up well with the job description.

The best website to use for all of these features and finding healthcare jobs is definitely Healthcare Consultant.

So if you’re looking to find a healthcare job in Michigan, make sure you sign up for Healthcare Consultant because it’s the niche healthcare job board that makes a difference.