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The Top 5 Health and Wellness Careers

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The Top 5 Health and Wellness Careers

Health and wellness, the definition of an evergreen topic and evergreen career. People have always and will always want to get in shape and extend their time on this great green planet. What if I told you that some of the highest paying healthcare jobs are in the health and wellness career path? Would you believe me?

The healthcare sector is exploding in this day and age, and as the days tick by and the baby boomers age, it’ll only continue to explode. Having the proper systems and preventative measures in place becomes all the more important as we go along, so improving the quality of life for our population becomes all the more critical.

In this article, we will be breaking down the top health and wellness careers, how much they make, and the education and training required for them. Sit back and get ready to learn about careers in health and wellness.

1. Health and Wellness Manager

Health and Wellness Managers tend to look over groups of people and craft plans for them. These groups of people are often corporations, universities, or even medical organizations. A Health and Wellness Manager will often be there directly for when the plan goes into place and be able to track and relay the results to appropriate stakeholders. They in many cases will also conduct research at the conclusion of the program or during the program runtime to determine the success of the program and uncover any necessary changes that need to be made.

The salary for a Health and Wellness Manager is $96,540 annually according to BLS. This job position is also seeing explosive growth in comparison to other careers, with an additional 20% extra help needed in the field by 2026.

To become a Health and Wellness Manager you’ll need the education and credentialing. Finding the career that lines up best with your interests is key when it comes to this. For this field, a bachelor’s degree is typically required and the degree will need to be in a health or fitness-related field. 

2. Clinical Trial Manager

The role of a Clinical Trial Manager is a very important one. You typically follow along with the trial process by reviewing trial results, making changes to the trial structure when needed, and delve deep into data and its processes.

To get a position like this, you’ll normally need a bachelor’s degree in a health and wellness related field. You will also need a solid amount of managerial experience.

The average salary for a Clinical Trial Manager is $98,610 per year. The job position in question is also seeing larger than average career growth in comparison to other positions.

3. Health & Medical Writer

How would you rate your writing skills 1-10? Do you think you could sit down and crank out a bunch of health and medical related articles based on SEO (search engine optimization) and keyword research, just like this one? Just kidding, your job will be much more in-depth, but it also pays quite well, but more on that later.

Health and medical writers tend to write training materials, manuals, and educational papers on top of articles just like this one. Meaning your research will need to be on point and backed by factual sources. To become a health and medical writer, there isn’t a traditional explicit career path, but if you become specialized in a specific field such as pharmaceuticals accompanied by an advanced degree in that field, you’ll be on the right path.

The average annual salary for a health and medical writer according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics is a staggering $71,354 annually. This is significantly more than the average American family and will ensure with good budgeting that you and your family can live a fulfilling life.

4. School Psychologist

I can almost guarantee that when someone says the word ‘psychologist’ then a school psychologist isn’t the first thing you think of. You probably thought of some older individual in a room with a pen and paper. Well, not all psychologists are like those in the movies.

Becoming a school psychologist offers a bunch of versatility in career choice. You can choose to meet with patients through the means of teletherapy if you prefer the work from home and virtual option. When meeting with patients you will test, evaluate, assess needs, and consult with school personnel and parents regarding the patients well-being. To become a school psychologist you will need to have a master’s degree and state licensure.

The average median salary for a school psychologist is $60,477. Meaning you’ll be able to live a solid and productive life.

5. Health Coach

Are you interested in helping others achieve their goals and dreams? Do you care about the way people feel mentally and physically? A health coach can also work virtually to help clients reach their goals. Oftentimes health coaches help to create nutrition or exercise plans and meet with clients one-on-one through video conferencing software to discuss goals and track progress.Health coaches need certification in health coaching, nutrition, or even in nursing. But the cool thing is, you won’t need any traditional education.

The average annual salary of a health coach is $45.509. Not a bad salary for no traditional education. Anyone can become a health coach by learning enough.

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