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Top 5 Growing Healthcare Careers In Michigan

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Top 5 Growing Healthcare Careers In Michigan

Working in healthcare can be one of the most exciting career paths out there. With the overwhelming projected growth metrics of the industry due to the aging baby boomers, hopping into the healthcare field is as good a time now as it ever will be. Are you from the mitten? If so, we’re about to break down the top healthcare careers in Michigan so that you can be well on your way to helping our great state!

Did you know that the majority of people who work in the healthcare industry are employed in either nursing or Healthcare Support roles? That’s a staggering 135,000 people who receive a median annual wage of $30,080 overall. The best part, that $30,000 number is for those who don’t need a college degree.

Check out the most popular healthcare careers in Michigan:

Nursing Assistants:

With a staggering 50,070 Nursing Assistants employed in Michigan, they are really important for the future of healthcare. Nursing assistants bring in around $29,200 annually according to our sources and they play a pivotal role in the day-to-day healthcare of people within their organization.

Medical Assistants:

Going hand in hand with nursing assistants are medical assistants. There are a lot of them in Michigan, 22,790 to be exact. What’s even more interesting is that medical assistants make more than nursing assistants. Bringing in on average $31,270 annually. As a medical assistant you’ll often take vital signs and assist with various medical tasks.

Home Health Aides:


With over 27,000 of them in the state of Michigan, Home Health Aides are a necessary inclusion to this list. As a home health aide, you will typically be performing job functions related to caring for the physically or mentally ill, injured, or disabled. These are typically services performed for those individuals who are confined to their homes or are living in residential care facilities. In some instances, as a home health aide, you may also be providing daily care services to people with disabilities who work outside of the home.

Licensed Practical and Licensed Vocational Nurses:

This career path isn’t for the faint of heart. Bringing in a solid $48,820 per year according to BLS, this career path is expected to grow by 9% in the coming years. An LPN or LVN may work in a variety of different settings from hospitals to nursing homes to private homes, the options are pretty flexible and limitless. As a whole, you will be providing basic nursing care if you are in this role. The type of basic nursing care is dependent on the organization who employs you and the needs of the patients.

Pharmacy Technicians:

Pharmacy technicians, you see them when you go anywhere with a pharmacy which is so common in this day and age. A pharmacy tech is responsible for the day-to-day operations while working closely with a pharmacist. This helps to ensure the health and safety of their patients. They often find, dispense, pack, and label medication for patients coming in as well as work with insurance providers to ensure patients are being treated fairly. The work environment for a pharmacy technician can vary, but it typically will be within a retail store, hospital, or nursing home. Be prepared to spend long hours standing on your feet in this role and working weekends or holidays. Pharmacy technicians bring in around $35,000 annually.

It's Not The End

After reading this blog post, you should have a baseline idea of the top healthcare careers in Michigan. With this said, go out there and do some research on some of these individual roles if they peaked your interest. Healthcare is and always will be a solid career choice going forward and if you are looking for your next healthcare job position, don’t forget to check out our niche healthcare job board, Healthcare Consultant.