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Top 5 Healthcare Job Search Tips

Top 5 Healthcare Job Search Tips

With the ever changing landscape of the healthcare job market, it can be quite daunting to try to separate yourself from the herd of job-hungry applicants competing for the same limited spots available. There is some light at the end of the road though, because with the aging population of baby boomers and longer human lifespans, the healthcare industry is growing and will expect significant booms through at least 2029.

1. Optimize Your Resume

Your resume tells your story. It tells why you’re qualified for the position and it gives insight into your past accomplishments when working for other organizations. In most cases, recruiters and employers only look at your resume for a few seconds and decide if it’s a good or a bad fit and that’s if your resume makes it past the automated system many organizations have in place.

The general rule of thumb for a general healthcare resume is to put what you have accomplished and why you’re a good fit for the organization. But if you want to take it a step further, which I highly suggest you do, then you’ll want to tailor your resume slightly for each individual job posting.


In addition to the aforementioned, you should ensure that your resume is free of grammatical and spelling errors along with being correctly formatted. This will make it easier for not only automated resume processes to scan and categorize your resume, but employers to make fast and accurate decisions about your application status.

2. Cover Letters Matter

Many job applications require a cover letter, and if they don’t require it, it’s highly suggested you hand one in, especially for higher-level job positions. With a cover letter you’re typically allowed more versatility and creativity. You have room to talk about your qualifications and why you should be considered to be furthered in the hiring process for the position you’re applying for.

Use this distinct time to explain in detail why you fit the qualifications for the job and what you can bring to the organization over anyone else. This is your time to sell yourself. Cover letters typically cover one page and by writing longer cover letters may dissuade employers from reading your letter. You need to be creative and succinct, I know how tough that can be.

3. Use Niche Healthcare Job Boards

With shifting healthcare and hospital budgetary requirements, recruiters and organizations constantly look for new ways to optimize their healthcare budgets. With this push for optimization, recruiters and hiring managers are changing the way that they’re looking for new ways to find qualified candidates.

One of the avenues organizations are turning to is niche healthcare job sites and job boards. The reason the niche job boards are growing so much in popularity is because large job sites like LinkedIn and Indeed flood organizations with high volumes of low quality applicants. This can be really annoying for organizations looking to fill their open healthcare roles with qualified staff.


The reason for this is because large job boards allow people to apply with one-click for jobs without matching the requirements or uploading a resume for that matter. This means organizations hiring departments time is being taken up by this swamp of useless nonsense that they need to wade through.

Leading us to our favorite niche healthcare job board and site of all, Healthcare Consultant. Healthcare Consultant is the trusted source for healthcare job openings. There are a variety of tools available to both employers, consultants, and job seekers alike. From job search, to the best job matching available, you’ll have access to the jobs you need, when you need them through job alerts via email or text message as they become available.

4. Know Your Value

Are you earning less than you’re worth at your current job? In this current day and age, switching jobs is the best way to get the raise that you’ve been looking for. With the limited number of qualified applicants in the healthcare industry, and less supply of workers than demand, you can negotiate for a raise when switching to a new position and even use it as leverage at your current company if they’d like for you to stay.

There are a lot of different avenues available to you for figuring out what the average salary is in your field. It doesn’t matter if you’re a nurse or a healthcare consultant, a variety of associations and publications publish annual surveys detailing salary trends for your comparison. There are even some tools out there on the web that let you plug in your experience and area and calculate what your worth is.

5. Interview Preparedness

The interview. Yeah, the one thing that can make or break your entire future when it comes to getting yourself a job. But how do you prepare for something filled with such uncertainty?

A way to start your prep is to check out common healthcare interviewing questions and have a unique answer prepared for them. This can be done with a mock interview partner such as a friend or loved one or by yourself. Make sure the room you’re interviewing in is free of clutter and check your equipment to make sure everything is working and you have a clean backdrop if interviewing remotely.

With the return of in-person interviews looming, it’s important to be prepared for both likely scenarios. And following up after your interview can set a close race in your favor. A great thank you note to your interviewer(s) can set in motion your chances of receiving an offer. Sending each person who interviewed you even a thank-you email, and include a mention about your passion, hobby, or whatever you spoke about excitedly. 

Be Prepared For Your Future

Finding that next position can be tough, but we hope you apply these healthcare job search tips to your future so that you can secure the position of your dreams. You might struggle with staying motivated during your journey, but by applying amazing tools like Healthcare Consultant to your search, you’ll reach the top.