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How To Create Amazing Healthcare Job Postings

How To Create Amazing Healthcare Job Postings

When looking at your own job postings, what do you think they say about your organization? Are they captivating and accurately portray the value people will receive from joining your organization? This matters because in many cases your first contact with an applicant is your job posting, make sure that your place of employment is their next and last place to work.

A strong job posting will tell the story of your institution. They speak value about your organization and workforce, their position in the community, and your leadership in the industry. If your job posting doesn’t include this information, along with the position's needs, you’re missing out on the ability to market your organization in a positive light to the talent at hand. Your brand impression on job applicants is critical.

The healthcare industry is growing due to an aging baby boomer population. With 15% growth expected by 2029, the healthcare industry will be adding almost 2.5 million jobs. This will mean that your job postings will need to be even more well-tuned going forward to get the top talent lined up. You can also use these connections to drive more connections.

Are job seekers reading the entire posting?

It’s common for us to see that healthcare providers fill their job postings with a list of requirements from applicants. They focus on what they want from an applicant, rather than what they can offer applicants who join their organization. When reading your job postings before posting them, make sure to place yourself in the shoes of potential applicants.


Don’t list every possible daily task on your agenda in the job posting, instead generalize tasks, you’re wasting your precious space on information the job applicants already know. Instead, help them to understand what value they are going to receive from landing a healthcare job with your organization.

Communication is key

When people are looking for a job, they’re looking for an organization that ideally matches their expectations and morals. If they’re working in healthcare, then they’re already providing care for people, but it’s your job to efficiently convince those job seekers that your organization is the place where they should spend their time and energy.

What is your commitment to your people? Does your organization or facility focus on the top work/life balance? Are you providing the best care possible? Job seekers will look for similar goals and focus, make sure your facilities priorities line up with that of a job seeker.


Another thing to note is that your company’s social media and online presence should be well-kept. The communication your organization puts out to the public is secretly a good representation of who you are and what you stand for. If you are looking for a diverse talent pool, then your pages should show that without blatantly showing that.

A Candidate's Perspective

When looking at your job postings, think about them from the point of view of the candidate. For many healthcare workers, a new position means they are leaving another job due to low unemployment rates. Why should they leave them for you? What do you have that entices the candidate? Put yourself in your candidates shoes and think about if you were them, would you want to come to your organization?

Your job postings say a lot about your facility and what you need and offer. With every post you make, make sure that your channel looks good. Candidates will respond to positivity and value, think about this.

Where To Make Healthcare Job Postings

Healthcare Consultant is the best place to post healthcare job openings. They offer resume matching, messaging, a custom dashboard, and email templates along with much more for connecting your facility or organization with candidates.