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5 Tips For A Winning Healthcare Job Search

5 Tips For A Winning Healthcare Job Search

Secret Jobs Exist

Okay, maybe they aren’t secret, secret. But according to Forbes, 80% of jobs never get posted and only found through networking.

It’s important for you to go out there and ‘hit the street’. Meaning, you need to go out and meet people or virtually meet them, making connections.

Think about the people you know and the types of people you’re looking to link up with. Whether it’s former schoolmates, co-workers, or a family friend. How can they help you? But also, what can you do for them to make it natural that they sell you to someone else? Because, let’s be real, this is essentially you selling yourself without letting someone else know that you’re selling yourself. It’s also alright to ask for assistance from people you know if you need help with your healthcare job search.

Recruiters and HR Professionals Don’t Read Your Resume

Did you know that recruiters don’t really read resumes? They just scan them looking for keywords and details. This means that your resume by itself isn’t going to get you a job, but a bad resume can and will destroy your chances of landing an interview.

It’s important to make sure you resume is updated, clean, and easy to read. When writing your resume, you need to think about the end-user, which in this case, is hiring professionals. Make it so that it’s enjoyable to read and not hard to decrypt information about you. Sell yourself with your healthcare resume.

There’s also the argument that many resumes are first reviewed by artificial intelligence in today's day and age. Meaning your resume will first be scanned by artificial intelligence for keywords and experience before being turned into human resources or recruiting professionals for their quick scan.

Connect With An Insider

As the times go on, companies are relying more on the networks of their existing employees for hiring. How many people have you referred to a job and they actually got it? Several for me, and I’d be betting you’ve also referred several as well. According to The Undercover Recruiter: only 7% of job applicants get an employee referral, yet referrals account for 40% of all hires. If you get someone to hype you up to their employer, you might get more than just a simple resume scan, make connections.

Strict Competition Exists

You aren’t the only shark in the ocean of healthcare job candidates. A typical job posting recruits on average about 250 resumes. That’s a 1 in 250 chance that you even land a job, if they take anyone from that group of resumes. This connects us back to our point earlier where I stressed the importance of your resume. Tailor it for each individual job posting, for that specific posting. Tailor it to the organization as well if you really want that job.

Your Email Address Matters

Hey! Did you know that the email address you use actually matters? Oftentimes, it’s the very first impression an employer will make of you. If your email address is ‘candygrl323@yahoo.com’ what do you think a healthcare employer will think? Did you know 76% of resumes are immediately rejected just because of the email address they’re using?

So what can we learn from this? Easy fix, we just need a professional email address. You can’t really go wrong with (first name)(last name)@email provider.com or the reverse of this; for example you could rock something like smithjosh@gmail.com.

The job hunt in the healthcare industry can be pretty tiring. But if you stay at it, and do your research, I’m confident that you’ll have the ability to find the position of your dreams.