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Recruiting Gen Z Workers In Healthcare

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Recruiting Gen Z Workers In Healthcare

Gen Z is the backbone of our future healthcare workforce. They make up 25% of the current healthcare workforce and have their own expectations and needs for their daily work. Now, the gen z candidates who are joining the healthcare workforce do have good intentions and a dedication to providing top notch care, just like other generations. But as someone who works in staffing organizations you need to understand what will attract gen z to work for you and what might scare them away from you.

Did you know baby boomers are retiring at a rate of 10,000 people per day? Following the baby boomers, gen X will begin to retire in the next ten years with millennials and gen z making up the majority of the global workforce before 2030. That’s why it’s important to focus on gen z for your future because if you harness them and meld them early, you can make a large impact on them and your organization.

Interesting facts about Gen Z’s entering the workforce:

  • The most popular majors among the members of Gen Z are psychology and science majors (good news for us in the healthcare industry)
  • Two-thirds of Gen Z graduates are confident they will receive a job offer upon graduation from schooling
  • Gen Z are unsure what to expect salary-wise

These are just a handful of facts and information about Gen Z entering the healthcare workforce, but the more you understand, the better off you are for finding the best of this group and setting them up with job positions. Use this information and other information you can find to sell your organization to Generation Z. Let them see the job posting's value.

Understanding Gen Z

Generation Z grew up in a digital world. They don’t know a world that isn’t engrossed in smartphones, video games, and the internet. They don’t know local marketplaces and instead only know a world of global marketplaces. According to 36% of them, they have it the hardest when entering the workforce compared to those before them. It’s also important to note that 65% of students in school today will end up in jobs that don’t even exist yet. If your organization keeps up and adapts with the times, you’ll have an easier time attracting Gen Z to work for you.

Gen Z vs. Millenials In Career

What are Gen Z’s workplace preferences?

Some studies have shown that in a healthcare environment, gen z is most scared of potential downsizing in their organization. And that’s one of the things that drives not just gen z to the healthcare industry, but other generations as well, is the stability the industry is known for. If you find a way to recruit these gen z candidates and assure them that there won’t be downsizing of their positions, then that can pay off for you in dividends.

The key to the corporate ladder

It’s of major concern to Gen Z candidates that when entering the workforce that there is no room for them on the corporate ladder. Honestly, that’s a very valid concern for them to have. When planning your future it’s crucial that there is a clear career progression path. If that is something that is available in your organization or the organization that you are recruiting for, make sure that is known to the candidate. Does your organization offer salary increases? Why not offer annual title increases along with salary increases? These concerns start as early as the job posting. Are you making these things known on your job posting? If not, make sure that this is rectified.

With this said, Gen Z will be filling up popular healthcare job boards such as Healthcare Consultant soon. Better get recruiting!