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Healthcare Jobs No One Knows About

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Healthcare Jobs No One Knows About

Do you remember your parents asking you what you want to be when you grow up and you gave them some generic answer like astronaut or fireman? What if instead you told them that you wanted to be a cytotechnologist? That would be an answer I can guarantee you that they would never forget. They probably don’t even know such a thing exists. But this is a very real job with very important responsibilities. It’s a career that is necessary in the medical field but isn’t one that is glamorized, but is rather one of the many overlooked jobs in the medical field.

Join us as we delve deep into the world of healthcare jobs that no one knows about; you might find something that peaks your curiosity.


Why not mention the first overlooked medical job that we mentioned in the introductory paragraph? A cytotechnologist prepares and evaluates tissue samples to see if there is anything wrong with them, such as a disease. The equipment they use varies, but it’s often equipment like microscopes. 

And, don’t make me mention this salary. It’s next level with a scale between $59,000 and $83,000 annually.

But what sort of education is required for a salary such as that? Well, according to the College of Mayo, to become one you only need a bachelor’s degree in cytotechnology, biology, or the life sciences.

Space Psychologist

Okay, so you may not have been cut out to become an astronaut. But have you ever given any thought to becoming a space psychologist? Yeah, me either, to be frank. But if you’ve ever dreamt of advising astronaut selection panels to help select the right people for out-of-this-world teams and missions, this may be the job for you. If they aren’t doing that, they also provide counseling to support the space crews before, during, and after the flight because going to space can be quite heavy on your mentality I’d imagine.


So let’s talk numbers. A space psychologist makes on average $136,883 per year according to Indeed.

So what educational requirements are there to become one? Well, typically to receive a salary like that, you’ll need some highly specialized education. In this case, a PhD in Psychology with multidisciplinary knowledge in history, biology, and neuroscience are a plus.

Hospital Cleaning Crew

Our next overlooked healthcare career is working on a hospital cleaning crew. This job is so pinnacle and happens behind the scenes. As a hospital cleaning crew, you’ll be keeping medical facilities clean and free of infection. Whether it’s cleaning up bodily fluids, or just disinfecting surfaces, you can expect to rake in $30,000 annually.

The best thing about this career is that along with working for great organizations, the barrier to entry is practically non-existent. All you need to have is a high school diploma or GED.


If you’re like me, you took one look at this job title and wondered what this could possibly be. Well, by taking ‘ped’ from the word pedorthist, we can infer that people working in this healthcare job no one knows about work with feet. But in specific, pedorthists create custom shoes and footwear for patients who have special foot-related needs. Whether it’s bunions, flat food, arthritis, or diabetes, you may be sent to see one of these foot professionals.

Typically to become a pedorthist, you’ll need to study foot anatomy and pathology, biomechanics, shoe construction and modification, footwear fabrication and materials, and footwear fitting, and much more. But the good news is, it’s only in the form of a bachelor’s degree anyway.

In this role, you can expect to make $39,000 on average, but you are genuinely helping people who need it.


Have you ever wanted to fill someone's heart up? I wish we were talking with love or joy here, but we’re unfortunately talking in the medical sense. As a perfusionist, you’ll be operating heart and lung machines that take over the functions of patients’ organs while they are in surgery.

To become one, you’ll need a credential called the Certified Clinical Perfusionist (CCP) and in many cases you won’t even be required to work full-time, which in the medical field is rather unheard of. Making this, in my opinion, a hidden gem of the healthcare job industry. Who wouldn’t like to just be on call?

On average, you can expect $117,000 annually in this field, which is a good living. But what sort of education is needed to work something like this that is life and death for patients? Well, good news everyone! You only need to complete a four-year degree with courses in biology, chemistry, anatomy and physiology, and the certification mentioned earlier.


Orthotists are responsible for evaluating patients and assessing the strength of their muscles. They can make sure that orthotics fit properly, which are devices for people who have disabling conditions in their spines or limbs.

The salary for a board-certified orthotist is between $42,000 and $60,000 annually. But what kind of education will get you where you need to go? Well, according to BLS you must complete a master’s degree in orthotics and prosthetics along with an internship or residency.

Medical Filmmakers and Illustrators

Did you know there are filmmakers and creatives in the medical field? Many of them create footage and diagrams of procedures for the education of those in the medical field. Much like you saw in your high school biology textbook.


The median annual salary for a medical filmmaker and illustrator can range between $62,000 and $100,000 according to AMI. But if you happen to land yourself in a supervisory role, the ceiling for salary is much higher with a range of $85,000 to $175,000.

To break into this field, you’ll typically need a bachelor’s degree with a major in art and a minor in biological sciences.

Weirdest Jobs in the Medical Field

After reading this, you should know that it’s so easy to think a career in medicine means you need to go to school for your entire twenties and work directly with patients. But we know that is no longer a reality. We know that weird medical careers that no one knows about are so key for the healthcare industry and they keep the cogs of the machine going without anyone knowing. If you’re looking for your next healthcare career, be sure to check out Healthcare Consultant, the number one healthcare job board.