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8 Easiest Medical Jobs that Pay Well with Little Schooling or Experience Needed

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8 Easiest Medical Jobs that Pay Well with Little Schooling or Experience Needed

With the healthcare industry ever-growing at a rate faster than any other field, it’s no surprise that there is an influx of open positions that need to be filled by qualified candidates. But some of us out there may not have the funds to attend medical school or go through an intense grad program and instead want to opt for an easy medical job with little schooling.

The medical industry is worth a staggering $8.45 trillion according to PolicyAdvice and on top of that, experiences an average annual growth rate of 7.3%. So it’s fair to say that there are plenty of easy medical jobs that pay well, and many require no experience and even no degree.

With this said, we will break down the easiest and highest paying medical jobs whether you have no experience, no degree, or you’re a college student. We’ve got you covered. We also plan to show you methods that make these medical jobs easy to get.

Medical Coder

Did you know there are office jobs for people working in healthcare? Yeah, I’m not just talking about executive level administration jobs either. One of the easy medical jobs to get is that of a medical coder. So, what exactly does a medical coder do? Well, according to flex jobs, a medical coder is a translator. They work as part of a medical team to review a patient’s file and translate everything from that file into universal codes that are required by insurance companies.

The pay for a medical coder might actually shock you. With a median salary scaling between $35,520 and $43,470 per year, it’s a great opportunity for those with little school, no experience, and no degree to get a medical job. This is what many would consider an easy entry level medical job opportunity as the rate at which this field is growing is exponentially higher than that of the (already fast growing) medical field as a whole with 11% increases. This is mostly attributed to the average population of the world aging as life expectancy amongst humans increases.

So, what are the requirements to become a medical coder? Well, becoming a medical coder is pretty easy, in some cases you will require specialized education, but familiarizing yourself with medical codes and finding a good organization to train you might be worth your while. Lots of employers are fine with hiring medical coders who have a high school diploma, making this an easy schooling medical job. In some cases, the position may require an associate’s degree, but that’s just down to employers preference.

Physical Therapy Assistants & Aides

As a whole, a physical therapy assistant or in other words, aide, are supervised by physical therapists to help patients regain movement and manage pain after injuries and illnesses. Most physical therapist assistants and aides work in physical therapists’ offices or in hospitals. They often set up equipment and help care for patients.

How do I become a physical therapy assistant? Well, typically you will require an associate’s degree from an accredited program along with license and certification. Physical therapists aides are a little more lax on the other hand, requiring only a high school diploma or equivalent on-the-job training. Making this one of the easiest medical jobs with no diploma at all.

So the question is, how much of a difference does the associates degree really make for this field? Well, when it comes to pay, we suggest you become a physical therapy assistant if you’re looking for a high paying medical job with little schooling. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median annual wage for physical therapist assistants is $59,770. While the median annual wage for physical therapist aides is $28,450. Those two years of schooling make a pretty substantial difference.

Dental Hygienist

Dental hygiene. One of the great pillars of human health. With insane growth rates of the field at 20% and a high average annual salary which we will get into later, this job is a good one to lock down if you’re looking for a career.


Many challenges do however come with being a dental hygienist. You and the dentist obviously work together to meet the oral health needs of patients and typically as a dental hygienist, you’ll be performing the following job duties:

  • Taking x-rays and developing them.
  • Removing plaque and calculus from teeth.
  • General patient screenings and assessments.
  • Apply preventative materials to teeth for protection.
  • Teaching and helping patients to implement better oral hygiene routines.
  • Creating teeth moulds and casts.

So with that said, many find dental hygienists to be one of the most enjoyable careers in all of medicine. With a projected 10-year growth of 19% and only a requirement of an associate’s degree, the salary has an average of $76,148 according to salary. Making this one of the very best medical jobs with little education.

Nursing Assistant

What They Do: Nursing assistants provide care and perform routine tasks under nursing and medical staff, indirectly. Your job would consist of performing a variety of tasks such as keeping patients’ rooms tidy, escorting patients to operating and examining rooms, setting up equipment, assistance with procedures, moving and storing medical supplies, as well as documenting and reporting any changes to a patient's mental, emotional, or physical conditions.

Hiring Requirements: Completion of a state-approved education program and passing of your state’s competency exam to become certified.

Average Salary: $28,350 is the average salary for a Nursing Assistant per year.



Have you ever thought about becoming a phlebotomist? A phlebotomist is essentially a medical professional who is responsible for collecting blood for donation and testing. They are trained through a variety of means to connect this blood, whether it’s a simple or advanced procedure.

Phlebotomists are also responsible for sanitizing the appropriate blood-related medical equipment, storage of collected blood samples, and ensuring the safe transport of these biomedical materials.

Typically when blood is transported to its destination it is analyzed in a diagnostic laboratory to diagnose illnesses, evaluate proper nutrition levels, and to determine the effective level of medication dosage according to Hospital Careers.

The cool thing about becoming a phlebotomist is that it’s an easy medical job for medical students to get because you only need a high school diploma and the completion of a certification program (which you can totally do while you’re in school). From there, you will have to take the certification exam and get certified by the National Phlebotomy Association which will require 200 hours of training which includes clinical experience. The exam will require an easy 70% for you to pass.

On average, a phlebotomist earns about $15.33 per hour, making it an easy medical job that pays well for the lack of training and education it requires.


Medical Transcriptionist

Many of you out there are looking for an easy entry level medical job, and quite frankly, this is the job for you. If you aren’t too keen on working with patients but still want to be involved in the medical field as a whole, medical transcription is a great choice.

Typically a medical transcriptionist requires very little schooling. You’ll need just a high school diploma or a GED. Many transcriptionists work in offices, but with the new innovations in work from home technologies, this may vary from organization to organization.


Training for this role can take as little as six months, making this one of the best jobs in healthcare with little schooling. Fun fact though, you don’t even need this certification. It is in fact recommended and will potentially land you a better job though. Once you become certified, you’ll need to become recertified every three years.

According to Phlebotomy Examiner, the average salary for this role is around $36,000 annually. Making this a really easy and high paying medical job to acquire.


Medical Secretary

Maybe you’re looking for another medical job in an office setting. Well, if you enjoy staying organized, you might just be the ideal medical secretary. I know when you think of the word secretary, you might be thinking about the show The Office. Well, as a medical secretary you’ll be scheduling appointments, managing medical charts, managing physicians schedules, and working as the face of the patients coming to your organization.

Becoming a medical secretary doesn’t take all that much. You really just need to earn an associate’s degree or take a medical-specific training program. As a whole, taking the training courses is more efficient than going to college from a financial and time perspective. The other thing about becoming a medical secretary is many of your skills with be transferable to other easy schooling medical jobs such as medical coding.

So we know the training it takes, what about the salary? Well, good news for you, the salary is about $34,000 annually. This will make the perfect medical career for you if you enjoy people and organizational duties.


Radiology Technician

Have you ever wanted to look inside someone? Well, this is the perfect job for you. As a radiology technician you’ll be working directly with patients and x-ray machines. These machines scan bones, tissues, organs, and anything put in front of them. This helps to diagnose illnesses and injuries.

As a technician you’ll be taking the photos but you won’t be diagnosing what is going on within the images. As a technician you’ll be hands on in making a patient feel comfortable and at ease. The coolest thing about this high paying medical job with little schooling is that it’s a vital and important job. It’s going to be around for the years to come. You just need an associate’s degree or completion of an accredited certification program. But this salary is what blows the rest away with a whopping $45,000 to $60,000 range depending on experience and location.


Easy Entry Level Medical Jobs

We generally hope that you got some value from this post. As you can see, many different medical careers don’t take much schooling or experience to get into. Many of these high paying medical jobs can even be performed by college students. This article had the aim of breaking the stereotype that you need many years of schooling to get a solid medical career. Obviously, some careers require that, but don’t let the lack of funds for education or experience get in the way of pursuing a promising career in the field of medicine for you.

If you have considered a career in medicine in general and didn’t know what was available to you, we appreciate you taking a look at this. There are also many other articles on our blog that can help you to find medical careers that you have never even heard of before. These jobs are are critical to the healthcare industry as a whole, and if you think we missed a position, just let us know! We aim to be the number one resource when it comes to easy medical jobs.