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10 Best Healthcare Recruitment Strategies

10 Best Healthcare Recruitment Strategies

Let’s be real. The hiring process today is changing at a lightning speed pace. One day it’s one thing, and the next, it’s something new and innovative. Average cost-per-hire for the entire world is skyrocketing and finding good quality talent is pinnacle when you’re spending so much to hire people to the team. So what healthcare recruiting strategies are virtually guaranteed to get you some amazing candidates for your organization?

When was the last time your organization overhauled the way you do recruiting and hiring? When was the last time you tried something new? That’s likely the piece you’re missing to this all important puzzle. As a result of taking the plunge and doing this, you’ll find quality applicants that are both good for the patients involved, but good for the health of your company and its infrastructure.

With all of this said, let’s get into the 10 best healthcare recruitment strategies out there.

1. Clean Brands Make You Bands

Your company branding is more than just a logo and how you represent your organization. It’s a picture that portrays every single reason someone should choose to mix their name with yours. It’s an image that represents your organization's character and honestly, once that’s tarnished, there’s never any going back.

But what can you do to make your brand look enticing to brand new potential employees?

Well, here are some tips straight from a Digital Marketing Manager:

  • Have a clean logo that is easy to recognize
  • Allow employees to leave reviews of your company and don’t force them to
  • Respond to customers in a timely fashion and provide good services
  • Be honest with applicants in the interview process and they may come apply again if they weren’t a perfect fit for the position this time
  • Post behind-the-scenes looks of your company on social media
  • Recognize the people that do work for you so you can have increased employee longevity

And many more. I could go on for days about this.

2. Make Your Offering Competitive And About People

The healthcare industry is under siege currently. There are more jobs than people qualified to fill those jobs. Because of this, the employer needs to be in the driver's seat and selling themselves to potential applicants. Not the other way around like you traditionally think of. 


So whether you believe it or not, you need to add a benefits package that the competition can’t compete with. Whether that’s extra vacation or paying people what they’re actually worth, this industry has a lot to offer. Keep in mind, just because we’re saying you should pay people more and treat them better doesn’t mean that you need to pay them absolute top dollar. You still have money to make, but maybe you can find some creative ways to make people want to work for your organization, that’s all.

3. Keep Your Job Listings Clean and Up To Date

There are many recruiters out there who have templatized things to make new job positions easy to use and even easier to generate. Well, as someone who works in marketing, what if I told you that the job listing is your first advertisement to get that potential candidate in the door? What if you wrote that job listing for the people applying instead of sticking to the rulebook?

The term we’re looking to familiarize you with here is ‘copy’. Good copy comes in many forms and in fact, copywriting is prevalent in pretty much everything you see, especially advertisements. Next time you’re searching Google, browsing social media, or checking out videos on YouTube, take a look at the titles or words that intrigue you and ask yourself why you clicked on that without even thinking.

If you have someone to, or even you yourself can master this for your healthcare recruitment, your potential is endless because by increasing that click-through-rate (CTR) on your job postings, then you are doing your job of selling your job listing to potential applicants.

4. Streamline your Healthcare Recruitment Strategy

This should go without saying, but an antiquated recruitment process is likely one of the things holding you back from succeeding in recruiting people to your organization. Making healthcare recruitment strategies that are easy for job applicants and require minimal effort but maximal reward are key. You see, if you’re out there requiring potential candidates to mail, fax, or bring in applications in person you’re missing out on potential talent, I can guarantee you.

When you have this antiquated hiring process in place for your organization, what do you think that tells potential applicants about your workplace culture and environment? It tells them that it’s also outdated of course. This may or may not actually be true, but the impression applicants make is much like dating and it’s very important that you are providing value to them. With that said, being up to date on technology can really lead you to an upper hand in the hiring process.

5. Healthcare Company Culture

Take a step back. What does your company culture look like? It’s important that your culture is in good standing when recruiting new talent. They’ll be able to get an insight into how it looks from reviews online (and yes, fake reviews internally are obvious), and with this, your reputation will make a big impact on potential applicants.

Essentially, when people are checking your company out, they aren’t just over there drooling over your benefits package. They’re looking at this culture to ensure they won’t hate coming to work every single day. Especially in healthcare in current times, a lot of people are suffering from burnout. Nurses are quite literally in short supply.

6. Niche Healthcare Job Boards Are Key

Now listen up, just posting your job online and hoping for top quality candidates to come rolling in isn’t exactly feasible. With more demand than supply currently in the healthcare industry, the job applicant has more power than ever. If you post your job opening on a generic job board such as Indeed, you’ll likely get a good amount of applicants, but many will be underqualified or not even relevant, costing you money. That’s why niche healthcare job boards are key!


So by finding niche job boards such as Healthcare Consultant in the industry, you’ll be able to see what candidates are looking for right from the bat and get higher quality applicants applying to your jobs. Giving you essentially more bang for your buck.

7. Spread Your Healthcare Influence

Healthcare organizations in general are becoming more and more overwhelmed with keeping their staff employed and not looking for other opportunities. So it may be worth your while to take a look at other branches of healthcare for recruiting and sourcing. Essentially, you want to take a good look at the disadvantages of branches parallel or competing with yours and see if your branch can improve upon those things and provide better value to potential applicants.

8. Multi-Platform Healthcare Recruiting Strategy

Yeah, you heard that right. Take your healthcare recruitment strategy multi-platform. With this, you’ll be casting a wider net leading to the potential for more qualified applicants in filling your roles. Make sure you diversify on different job platforms, social medias, and through advertising and SEO.

By doing this you can ensure that more qualified and active candidates see the job posting for your organization. Another way to approach this is to send out an email to your companies mailing list and see if anyone has any referrals. Because according to the Society For Human Resources referrals make up approximately 30% of all hires, it’d be foolish not to capitalize on this.

9. Healthcare Self Analysis

Is the staff in your organization involved in groups and communities that you don’t know about or even have access to? Ask staff to share your open positions with people in their network and let them know the obvious benefits of working in your organization. This gives your organization a chance to reach new heights and to spread your wings. Any publicity is good publicity (well, most of the time).

Additionally, you can start to institute some referral systems for your organization. What sort of logical person would ever turn down some premium incentives? Your employees make your greatest free advertisements.

10. Healthcare Recruitment Database

Often recruiters are the first place many people look when it comes to filling positions. They work for several companies at the same time - including your competitors. Because of this, there is increased competition and the same limited pool of candidates that they’re pushing to all organizations that are a good fit. By leveraging niche healthcare job boards like Healthcare Consultant, you’re able to find candidates when they register by searching instead of waiting for recruiters to snatch them up. And because you’re reaching candidates before anyone else, you’re snagging them before anyone else can. Sounds like a win. In any case, we hope these healthcare recruitment strategies prove to be beneficial to you and your organization. We know how difficult it can be to acquire new talent and we’re rooting for you.